Getting rid of your gray with a pill?

Getting rid of your gray with a pill?

If you are in my age bracket (40-50) more than likely you have seen a few grays spouting here and there.  Now, some have no real issue with gray hair while others find them a nuisance, a push into being old or just stubborn and hard to deal with.  Whatever your take on gray hair is there is a large market on keeping them in line, dying them or getting rid of them. Now we have a new way to get rid of the stubborn grays and yes, it’s a pill.  

Rise-N-Shine, LLC created “Go Away Gray” 

(which costs $29.99 for a month’s supply and can be purchased online).  Here’s some info on it.

All-natural cure for graying hair now makes reversing and preventing
gray hair as easy as swallowing a pill. And for millions stubbornly resisting
the trend of going gray gracefully, this formidable hair supplement is
attracting much deserved attention.

Formulated to combat gray hair at the root, this innovative supplement
is specially designed with the potent antioxidant enzyme catalase, vitamins,
and essential amino acids. According to several scientific studies, the absence
of catalase in your body is thought to initiate a chemical chain reaction
resulting in gray hair. As we age and our hair cells produce less catalase,
less hydrogen peroxide gets broken down. As our catalase levels decrease and
our hydrogen peroxide levels increase, the hair slowly turns gray and then
gives way to white.

Go Away Gray stops the formation of new gray hairs in as little as 4-8
weeks, helping bring back your natural hair color while promoting thicker,
fuller, healthier hair. Results are now accelerated with our new Go Away Gray
Shampoo and Conditioner, also containing all-natural, anti-graying ingredients.

Believe it or not there are some really happy customers using this product.  

Beth Skelly of Ft.
Lauderdale, Florida was going gray and tried all kinds of things to hide it.
“I started off plucking the grays and then I said I’m losing this battle
and so then I started dying my hair,” Skelly said.

Elizabeth Skelly is
a fan of “Go Away Gray.” She’s been taking 2 pills a day for about
six weeks and now her gray hair is gone! “I’d go to the mirror, I’d look,
and I’d say, “Wow the grays are NOT coming in. Color is coming back,”
said Elizabeth. “Seeing is believing. When people see me they say,
‘you’re 53?'”

“It’s absolutely 100
percent safe,” said Cathy Beggan,
President of Rise-N-Shine, LLC and founder of “Go Away Gray.”

Not sure how you feel about this?  Well, me either but is it REALLY that diffrent from dying your hair?  Dying is a temporary fix to grays but this touts as a solution.  Kinda scary?  Yea, kinda…but if you hate grays it may be worth a try.

I’m not worrying about grays that much so I’ll pass but I am far from judging on who is. So, Naturals…. is anyone game for this gray hair fix?  If so let me know and I’d love to discuss your results.  

Keeping ourselves beautiful Naturals,



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