Friday, April 5, 2013

Fashion for us - Classic, sexy and day to evening perfection


I've been out of sync lately but back I'm back on track! Today I'm sharing a gorgeously put together outfit for women older than 25 yet look and feel sexy as hell!  I love this outfit and feel any woman of any size can put this together or slightly change a few things to fully enhance her beauty.  

Don't let the prices?  Check out Target, Marshals, TJ Maxx and other stores that yield fashionable alternatives at reasonable prices.  I promise to find more outfits in better price ranges but couldn't pass on this head turning fashion winner.  

Don't like your arms out?  Wear a cute jacket, blazer or cardigan.  Not crazy about shorter skirts?  Wear a longer one maybe even with a fishtail.  Heels too high for work or just for you?  Wear a wedge or a shorter heel.  You can't go wrong with this classic look that can transfer from 9 to 5 to an evening out with the girls or a date.  

Whether your are 30 or 55 you can pull this outfit off and look amazing.  I am too in love not to try and replicate this so when I find it I'll share my pics!

Staying fashionable at EVERY age Naturals,



  1. I like the look of the outfit but I wouldn't wear those shoes if you paid me. Honestly, I am scared of them. LOL. My feet would be cursing and spitting at me all day . . . screaming and carrying on. Plus, the days of platforms are over for me. Every time I see a woman in super high heels I wince. Oh yes, the foot and the leg look gorgeous but there's a price to pay later on. Whew! I just can't take it. Anyway, that was the 1970s; this is now. The purse might be a little too juvenile for a gal my age . . . the big bow well, er . . . might be too big for me but it is cute so maybe. The outfit, however, is quite lovely and one the money! Nice pick!

    1. Yes, the heels of that height are over for me as well. I love a good wedge though but with my knee issues heels have been out for a minute!! Thanks for sharing.


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