Fashion Friday – Apple Body Shape


Last week I discussed the five main body types (apple, hourglass, pear, rectangle and wedge).  For the next five weeks I’ll be discussing each one a little deeper and give some tricks on how to camouflage the problematic areas and accentuate the perks.

The Apple
Apple body shapes have wide upper bodies starting from the shoulders tapering down to the hips and thighs. You
are larger around the middle, yet still have slim legs.
Your stomach may have extra padding or a generally rounded appearance, or your back could taper into a small, flat behind. Your waist may
not be defined but you can fake it with the right outfit.  

What flatters Apple body shapes?
Draw attention away from your middle and have all eyes drawing upward.   If you have cleavage…flaunt it!  V-neck tops or dresses are great.  Wear tops that are longer than the bones of your hips, which also detracts from a soft middle.  Basically show a little skin at the neck and upper chest area.

Dresses with empire waist will work good for smaller breasted women and a wrap style will tailor your midriff by visually lifting up your breasts.  Don’t wear big boxy shirts as they will only make you look square and if needed go a size up rather than down so your clothes fit loosely around your middle.

You want pants and jeans that balance out your heavier top so boot-cut and flared are the best.  Skinny jeans are tricky as they will accentuate your smaller bottom so they may not be the best ones to wear.  Low-waisted pants may not be the way to go since they may give you a muffin top.  An A-line top with boot cut jeans will really balance you out.

Longer skirts are better…..right above the knee, below it or maxi skirts will draw attention away from your middle and really short skirts will only attract attention to the middle.  Wanna stay away from those. 
I’m no fashion diva but we all can learn a thing or two about showing off our better parts and detracting from our not so great parts.  

We all wanna look our best so if you are an apple try some of these tips to see if you notice the benefits.  I’m no fashion diva but figuring out what works for me has taken trial and error and just wanna pass on some well known tips.  Check out next Friday for the Hourglass.

Stay beautiful Naturals,


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