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Friday, March 30, 2012

Are you getting ready for Spring?

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Ah, Springtime....sun is beaming, flower and trees are allergies are acting up.  Yes, it's Spring and whether you are ready or not it's here. I'm getting started on my Spring rituals by doing what is necessary to get me back in flip flops and dresses. There were a few things I did to get ready.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sulfate Shampoos, are they really bad?

Sulfate Shampoos, are they really bad?

My research is saying a depends on who you ask.  Now the majority of the Natural haired world find them to be the devil on our Natural or curly hair but two website I trust, The Natural Haven and The Beauty Brains have a different spin on them.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Black Owned Friday - Donna Marie Products

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Donna Marie

After finding a great list of the many Black Owned beauty products and Supply stores  (Independent Black Owned Hair Care Products Companies/Beauty Supply stores) I decided to start a tribute to each one on the list by discussing it a little to get the word out about them.  If I've used their particular product I will mention it but if not I will just highlight them weekly, or as often as i can.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

National Natural Hair Meet-up Day in Denver!!

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Denver has been added to the list and I along with Andrea Grady from Naturally Flyy Denver is hosting this monumental event! Details below:

Andrea Grady & Sabrina Perkins
Naturally FLYY Denver
Seriously Natural
12 – 4
Blair-Caldwell African American Research Library
2401 Welton St. 
Denver, CO 80205

It's on May 19, 2012 so it's coming up soon.  You truly don't want to miss it! More info to come as soon as we get it.

Hope to see you there,

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Women's History Month 2012

Women’s Education – Women’s Empowerment is the theme for Women's History Month 2012.  What could be more fitting for me than women's education as I find myself into my second semester of school.   

Monday, March 19, 2012

IBISWorld added a report on Black Hair Product Manufacturing

OK..the original title was just too long but you get the gist of what I'm trying to say.  Basically we are being researched a little deeper or at least a lot of the products we use on our hair is.  

Let me tell you a little about IBISWorld:

Recognized as the nation’s most trusted independent source of industry and market research, IBISWorld offers a comprehensive database of unique information and analysis on every US

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Seriously (studying) Sunday

I looked for a pic to symbolize how stressed school has become just in the first two weeks!  My teachers are very different from my previous ones and they are expecting a lot more out of us this semester and have no problems letting us know quite quickly!  I'm getting worried...

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Curly Girl Method by Ysheena1

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I I have to say that I've only recently heard about this methodThe Curly Girl Method stems from a book called The Curly Girl Handbook by Lorraine Massey.  There is more to it but the main component is using the No-Poo or no sulfate shampoo on the hair for cleansing. I don't prescribe to this method but I love keeping everyone in the loop on what's out there.

Ysheena, from her YouTube Channel Ysheena1, is giving the Curly girl method a try and I wanted to share it with all the lovely Naturals who are curious about it.  If anyone gives it a try and has tried it before please let me know!

Take care Naturals,

Monday, March 12, 2012

Making those hair product dollars S T R E T C H (repost)

We're living in dire times.  Our economy is in the toilet, we got a health care bill and then we don't, unemployment is staggering and people are losing their homes.  All of this and we STILL gotta do our hair? 

Friday, March 9, 2012

A few new hair shots

I decided to turn my scarf around and wear the curly puff in the front.  It was something different and I have to say once my hair dried it worked out well.  When it was wet it was limp but once the hair was dry my hair stood up real nice in the scarf.  Here are some more pics.

 Hope all have a great weekend and I will take some pics of the engagement party I'm going to tomorrow.  Yes, there will be some Naturals there!

Take care Naturals,

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Naturally Flyy Denver Meet-up coming up soon.

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Naturally FLYY Denver Presents.......

"This is a man's world"

An all African American male panel discussion.  You don't want to miss the next installment of Naturally FLYY Denver. Find help, encouragement, resources and networking opportunities at this natural hair meet-up.

Naturally FLYY Denver is a natural hair meet-up group for
women who rock or are thinking about rocking their natural hair and everyone in between!

We are the sister natural hair meet-up to Naturally FLYY Detroit!!!

Saturday, March 24th, 2012
2401 Welton St. Denver, CO
The Blair Caldwell African American Research Library
1:30 - 4:30 p.m.
$5.00 at the door $3.00 RSVP discount

*RSVP by March 17th to to be on the list!

Vendor and sponsor opportunities still available
Like us on Facebook
The Flyy Tree is growing!
Please send any questions you have to Andrea via

Product Review - Ecostyler Olive Oil styling gel

Product Review - Ecostyler Olive Oil styling gel

OK Naturals, I'm not gonna lie when I say I had a hard time tracking this down in Denver.  Not the Eco Styling gel so much as the Olive Oil one.  I just assumed when I saw it was at a local Sally's online that it was the Olive oil one but it wasn't.  A little more digging on my part allowed me to find a Sally's with one that wasn't really that far away.  I was excited to say the least.

I have been hearing so many Naturals RAVING about this stuff that I was in need to try it myself.  I've heard some say they use it daily like I use my Kinky Curly Curly Custard so that really got me curious.  It was cheap too so that was a plus when I picked it up a few months ago.

  • No flaking, no tack and anti-itch
  • Contains 100% pure olive oil
  • Safe for all hair types
  • Alcohol-free

Eco Styler Olive Oil Styling Gel contains 100% Pure Olive Oil for deep down conditioning while maintaining maximum hold. Contains UV Protection and helps your scalp regulate its natural moisture system. For all hair types. Used by professionals. Sally's Beauty Supply

I was using let's Jam gel for so long before I realized it wasn't good for my hair so when I came across this I was excited and pleased.  It's light, doesn't flake and clear.  I like that about it as well as it glides through my hair with no problem.  There is a very, very light scent that is pleasant and the jar is HUGE!  You get your money's worth that is for sure.  

The first five ingredients in Eco Styler Olive Oil styling gel:

Carbomer / white, fluffy powders but are frequently used as gels
Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein

*         Poor rating.  Will not be buying again ever!!
**       Mediocre.  Will not be buying again. 
***     Average.  May or may not buy again.
****   Above average.  Will probably buy again.
***** Excellent!  Will buy again and may become a staple product.

Eco Styler Olive Oil styling gel  ****

Gotta follow the crowd and love this stuff!  It's great on my hair and no flaking what so ever!  My curls are shiny and distinct and my hair doesn't feel weighed down at all.  It holds very similarly to KCCC, but I must add the reason it won't replace it is because of the protein.  I can't be putting this stuff in my hair everyday like KCCC.  Reading ingredients is key and seeing some Naturals complain about brittle hair made me look at the ingredients a little deeper and see that there was protein in it.  So you know what that means....I use it sparingly.  I try not to use it more than once a week so that big bottle lasts a really long time. 

This is a keeper and a good buy if you want to give it a try.  I do use it sparingly but it makes my hair lovely since I started the Curly Girl Method
and it is truly a staple product. 

Take care Naturals,

Beautiful clothing for beautiful black women can be found at Seriously Natural Boutique.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Product Review - Earthly Delight Hair Conditioner

My sister, the slowly reforming product junkie, told me about this conditioner that she found at Whole Foods Market.  She raved about it and wanted me to give it a try.  I hesitated because I'm not a PJ and find my staple products to be awesome enough for me to stick with them and not look outside the box.  Well, I finally took the plunge.

The price was reasonable, it escapes me at the moment, but with tons of products really high at Whole Foods I have to say it's towards the low end.  Its says on the bottle for all hair types but I'm not a fan of something that can be for everybody.  Don't believe that's possible.  We are all too different for one product to work for the masses but I gave it a try anyway.

Product Features
Size: 16 oz
  • All natural pure conditioner with simple ingredients
  • Fortifies the hair shaft and follicle
  • Contributes to stronger, thicker, shinier hair
I couldn't find the company on the web ANYWHERE and I found product reviews about it but not much about the company.  They are out of NY, NY but that's all I've got to say about who makes this natural hair product.  Kind of mysterious don't cha think?

I really have to say I love this conditioner.  It was almost as good as my AO Honeysuckle Rose and it has a light and pleasant scent.  My hands glided through my hair with ease and it did soften the hair very well.  I must say that my sister stopped using it for awhile because it dried out her hair but when I looked at the ingredients I explained to her why that was happening.  It has protein in it so that means use sparingly!  She fell in love with it all over again after I told her that.

The first five ingredients in Earthly Delight Hair Conditioner:

Deionized water
vegetable glycerin
Rice Bran oil
avocado oil
wheatgerm protein

*         Poor rating.  Will not be buying again ever!!
**       Mediocre.  Will not be buying again. 
***     Average.  May or may not buy again.
****   Above average.  Will probably buy again.
***** Excellent!  Will buy again and may become a staple product.

Earthly Delight Hair Conditioner  ****
I really liked this conditioner!  I love the smell and I love, love, LOVE the ingredients.  The only reason it's only above average and not excellent is because I love it a little less than my AO GPB conditioner which also has protein.  Now with both of these conditioners I must use sparingly so that the protein doesn't make my hair brittle so I use them after I shampoo about once a week.  
I was really hoping this was an alternative to my AO Honeysuckle Rose conditioner and with the protein in it, it can't be. So I am still on the hunt for something in that category. I recommend this to anyone with Natural hair to see if you like it especially if you are not a AO fan.  You won't be disappointed.
Take Care Naturals,

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Product Review - Heel to Toe feels like new foot softener

It's wintertime and that means drier skin as well as drier feet.  No, not everyone can afford a pedicure during summer months so you can imagine trying to scrounge up money during the winter months for one even though the climate here in Colorado requires one monthly.  Despite that problem a woman must try and keep her feet soft. With that being said the stores are full of products from foot soaks to foot softeners promising you feet as soft as a baby's.  Come on now.  Some of them have GOT to be lying.

I went to Sally's Beauty Supply a few months ago and came across this line called HEEL to TOE SPA PEDICURE COLLECTION and found the 'feels like new foot softener'.  I did take a quick look at the ingredients and decided to give it a try.  It was a small jar but it cost only $4.99 and thought that wasn't too bad and way cheaper than a pedicure.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Seriously (annoyed, anxious, stressed )Sunday

Hello all.  I'm in a weird mood but it's because I've got so much going on at the moment.  No quiet Sunday morning here for me.  I'm dealing with a bored middle schooler and a sick when she wanna be teen.  I'm annoyed and stressed as well as anxious.  Annoyed with the kids for the moment, stressed for personal reasons, and anxious about school starting tomorrow.  I need a REAL vacation!!

I've got a lot on my plate this week as well as today but I'm made some time to get some overdue product reviews out.  I've got three ready for this upcoming week and think they will be well received since I haven't seen reviews on two of them.  I'll be getting more reviews out this month as I try to get used to another quarter of school while taking care of the family.  

So thank you for taking out the time to read my blog and understand I'm not in the best of moods today.  It happens to everybody and I guess it's just my turn.  My mind is reeling a mile a minute but I just wanted to take a minute today to let you know what's going on and what's coming up.  

Trying to keep it all together Naturals,
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