Monday, December 10, 2012

Seriously Natural Feature - Chineze

1. How long have you been Natural?
I've been natural for 2 years.  The first year was a little hard for me but I'm loving year 2. 

2. Why did you become Natural?
I became fed up with hair breakage from the relaxer.  It had gotten to the point that I couldn't run my fingers through my hair without having 4 - 5 strands fall into my hand.  

3. Was it a hard transition? How did you transition?
I didn't transition at all, I got so upset one night that I just started cutting all of my relaxed hair off.  At the time I was wearing weaves and wigs anyway to hide the breakage so I figured I might as well start over. 

4. Did your age aid in your decision to go Natural?
I think it did a little.  I noticed a change in my self esteem when I turned 30.  I started to realize that what others thought didn't mean more than what I personally thought about myself.  

5. Does your age make it easier or harder to be Natural?
I don't think it makes it any easier or harder.  

6. Do you see many Older Naturals in your area? If so, what styles are they sporting?
I do, but I live in a college town so most of the naturals I see are in their early 20's. 

7. How do you primarily wear your Natural hair?
I primarily wear my hair in twist outs because I love the definition I get from twisting.  I'm also well known for my puff, I normally get tired of twisting by the end of the week so I have to resort to the puff.  I still rock weave and wigs from time to time almost because my hair seems to grow much faster when it's braided up and left alone. 

8. Favorite products and/or product line?
My favorite product line is Shea Moisture! 

9. Any words of wisdom or encouragement for other Older Naturals already Natural or thinking about it?
Whenever you start to get discouraged just remember it's only hair. You will have good days and bad days but the journey is definitely worth it!! BE YOU cause no one can do it like you!

I just want to thank Chineze (Just love her name!) for sharing her journey with us.  She's got an infectious smile to go with her beautiful face.  I truly understand how disappointed with the dismal hair growth and maximum hair breakage from perming. Here I find another lover and user of Shea Moisture.  I think this is the third one in a row!

Now don't be shy.  If you wanna share your Natural hair journey, email me at seriouslynatural4@gamil.com with your story and a few pics or contact me on Facebook at:  Seriouslynatural  

Take care Naturals,

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