Monday, November 12, 2012

Older Natural Feature - Santasha

1. How long have you been Natural?
I returned back to my natural state 4 years ago, 29 April 2008, when I had taken my braids out and was trimming and started thinking about just put the relaxer in again...I said I'm not going to start over again (I had been attempting to go back to my natural state for about 2 years) and I whacked all...my hair off.
(Not exactly all this is Afro with a headband). When I finished cutting my hair I went into shock, I had to call my parents, wake my poor child up to child take the picture, email the picture to my parents...and after all that I still wore a wig for 2 days and on my way home from work on the 2nd day I stopped by the braid shop and had my hair braided. The ladies at the braid shop were even shocked that I cut my hair. I was still in shock that I had cut my hair!

2. Why did you become Natural?
I went back to my natural state because I wanted more variety in my life.  I wanted to wear Afros, Afro puffs, braids, and straight hair.  However once I arrived back to my natural state and became a bit educated about natural hair and products; I stay natural because it’s my crown.  It makes me unique.   Also after reading about chemicals and ingredients, I just don’t want that stuff in my body and might I add Chris Rock, Good Hair documentary has made me somewhat afraid of the relaxer. 
3. Was it a hard transition? How did you transition?
Transition was a bit of a challenge.  The most difficult part for me was the incompatible textures (kinky & straight).  I transitioned wearing braids and in-between braids I would blow dry and use my electric hot comb. 

4. Did your age aid in your decision to go Natural?
I believe my age aided with standing by my decision to go natural. 

5. Does your age make it easier or harder to be Natural?
My age gave me a level plane for going back to my natural state.  On one hand it made it easier because at 35 there wasn’t any peer pressure.  But on the other hand at age 35, straight hair Santasha was what I had known for the past 22 years.  It was what my now, ex-husband had known for 14 years.  So being an older natural help me to decide to choose what I wanted and not what everybody expected of Santasha. 

6. Do you see many Older Naturals in your area? If so, what styles are they sporting?
I see many older naturals in my area.  The styles they are sporting are Afro puffs, Afros, braids, weaves, flat twist and twist outs
7. How do you primarily wear your Natural hair?
At the beginning of my journey I primarily wore my hair pulled back Afro with head band or with a flat iron bang.

But as of May/June 2011 when I discovered YouTube and all natural hair products…I no longer have a primary style and that’s why I created my own YouTube channel (www.youtube.com/user/Santasha23) and facebook page (www.facebook.com/santashasstyles) Santasha’s Styles.  

8. Favorite products and/or product line?
Since June 21 2011, I began using products that contain all natural ingredients.  My all time favorite product is Natty Butter, Natty Moist and Quench.  (Disclaimer: Quench is not 100% all natural, but I like it)
Other than those, my favorite choices  of things to use on my hair is all natural ingredients such as Water infused with herbs,  Aloe Vera Gel , Castor Oil, and a host of natural oils, butters, powders and herb.

9. Any words of wisdom or encouragement for other Older Naturals already Natural or thinking about it?
Embrace the poof and love the crown that God gave you. It truly makes you naturally beautiful.

What a beautifully talented lady with great hair, personality and poise.  I've checked out her channel and it is truly worth taking a peek. I am very happy she decided to share.  

Any new takers who wanna step up the plate and share??  I"m always looking and you can check out my contact page for more info.

Take care Naturals,


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