Monday, October 29, 2012

Older Natural Feature - Sharen

My name is Sharen and I began my natural transition in April of 2011. I wore braids and weaves. The last weave I had was so itchy even after scratching my scalp until I thought it would bleed and washing it often. Around the end of July 2011, I was done!!! I made an appointment with a barber/stylist and got it all chopped off. My hair was literally a few millimeters long. I felt beautiful. I saw my mother and my aunt when I looked in the mirror and that gave me so much confidence!
I don’t know if my age had anything to do with it, except that I still felt very young and vibrant and my hair says that. This is my third attempt and it is my last.  The older naturals that I saw were rocking their fros with so much pride and they really inspired me to just do it. They are gorgeous so why wouldn’t I be?
I normally sport my fro but my hair is now long enough for braids and twists. My favorite products are Carefree Curl Activator, Hot 6 Oil, apple cider vinegar, and lots of conditioner.
Words of wisdom: This is what you were born with; take care of it and wear it well. No matter how big or small your crown of glory happens to be, wear it with pride. It takes time to get used to but its worth it.  My soul tells me that this is how I’m supposed to be; natural and free!
Big Chop Aug 3, 2011
Fire Hot Red Head
Rocker Chic
I love her style and her boldness.  Sharen is as unique as the spelling of her name and too pretty not to notice!  I'm glad she went Natural and she wears it well.  I'm loving this Older Natural Feature and I truly hope all of you are as well.  Too glad she shared her story.

Any new takers who wanna step up the plate and share??  I"m always looking and you can check out my contact page for more info.

Take care Naturals,

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