HP – Oprah’s Natural Hair Debuts On Cover Of O Magazine


Well, it was bound to happen.  Oprah has decided to grace her September issue of her self titled magazine with her Natural hair and I must say she looks gorgeous!  She always looks great on her magazine cover but I must say this one will be my favorite.  We’ve all known she’s had beautiful hair but it’s ‘news’ to see her sport it in it’s Natural state on her magazine.

Oprah mostly wears her hair straight but lets it go Natural on weekends and vacations according to the Huffington Post, 

“In this September’s “What I Know For Sure” column, Oprah tackles the hot topic of natural hair by opening up about her personal hair journey, rocking her hair natural on weekends/vacations and what role it plays in the expression of “self.” You know Oprah always has to have an “Aha!” moment — even when it comes to hair.” Huffington Post

Now, we also know that many people listen to her so does this mean that more black women will jump on the Natural hair bandwagon because she’s talking it up?  No, I don’t think so but this is going to give Natural hair a big boost in the mainstream news.  Celebrities going Natural always gets headlines but Oprah is in a class all her own.  She’s going to make waves!  I’m glad she did it...on the cover the the mag, I mean.  I’m pretty sure she’s been Natural for awhile or keeps the chemicals down to a minimum but honestly who knows other than her, and her stylist? 

Either way we will hear the niceties and nastiness and I could care less because to me she looks awesome.  Here’s the rest of the article below:

Oprah’s Natural Hair Debuts On Cover Of O Magazine September 2012 Issue (PHOTO)

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