Monday, June 25, 2012

I think deep down I want to become a Minimalist

I've just recently been thinking about this but I've been evolving towards that way of living as I've grown older.  Now don't get me wrong....I am a cluttered fool but a fool that does desire less in my space.  I've embraced being Natural and have diverted from being a PJ as well as wearing the simpliest style and using few products.  All of this counts right?

Well, I see me going down that road and maybe it won't be complete until after both of my children leave home but I do see the writing on the wall for myself.  Deep down I want to be a minimalist.

So...where do I go from here?  Well, I came across a post from happyherbivore.com about how to become a minimalist. It appears she has a weekly minimalist topic on Monday's and will soon find myself visiting their often.  Here are the main points.

  • Reject Consumerism. Accept Minimalism.
  • Remove Clutter.
  • Remove Nonessentials.
  • Simplify More.
  •  Move Beyond “Stuff.”
She goes indepth and explains what she means as well as how to do it.  I'm no where near ready to fully embrace it but I know it's something I am working towards.  You basically learn to live with less and find out what is truly essential.  I'm finding that to be comforting to me somehow.  Maybe I'm crazy but I like the idea a lot.

So, I'll share the entire post with a link below and really this post is more about me coming to realize the path I see before me.  Are you sensing something in your future that you are working towards?  I'd love if you would share.

Minimalist Monday: How to Become a Minimalist

Take care Naturals,


  1. I would love to be a minimalist, but my 2 year old and all his toys, books, and clothes keep my house cluttered. I do embrace minimalist concepts when it comes to Christmas. I like to make gifts or give gifts that are consumed like cookies and theatre tickets. I tell people to spend quality time with me instead of giving me things. I hate stuff and things that simple clutter my home.

    1. What a great idea for Christmas! I really like that. As far as your son...that is why I said I will try when my kids are gone. They have so much stuff and always want stuff. It's kinda hard to be one with kids. Thanks for sharing.


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