Thursday, February 9, 2012

NC - Curly Hair Care Goals for the New Year

Don't feel bad or left out if you realize it's already February and you still don't have a clue as to what you wanna do with your hair for the new year.  It's still early so don't sweat it! I've got some ideas that I found on Naturallycurly.com and wanted to share with you as I always do.  Not everyone has the time to check out what's going on so I take that time out for you!

My curly hair goal is growth, growth, growth and growth!  I always worry about the health of my hair but I wanna start paying attention to the growth of it this year.  A few weeks ago I did a length check and found out the longest pieces of my hair were in the middle of my head.

I also want to jump on the protective styling bandwagon this year and even though I really want box braids it's not in the budget.  So, I've been doing two-strand twists and sporting scarves and hats.  It's cold so it's perfect weather for it.  I'm having a blast with it so far.  I am still the wash and go queen but I've taken a hiatus from it for a few months.  

So what are your goals?  Don't fret. No pressure.  Check out the link below and maybe some of the tips and ideas will give you the push in the right direction.

Take care Naturals,


  1. Hey Sabrina, lets see some Pictures of these hair styles. I refuse to pay 180 for what I can do myself so although I have been on a protective style challenge since August I style and do maintenance myself. My hair has really been thickening in density so I want to grow my hair out enough so that I can cut the hair that is not as dense. I would love a curly fro or a twist out that stands up again. I want my hair to be healthy as oppose to long but I will take the length with the healthiness. When the hair is healthy I don't mind cutting knowing that it will grow back and be healthy and give me versatility. Have a nice day and upload so pics.

    1. I've been shying away from the camera since I picked up a few pounds but it's about time I showed some pics again. I'm wash and go at the moment but will but will share some of those as well as some pics with my hair in twists and wearing my scarves and hats.


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