Wednesday, February 1, 2012

BD- Do Black Celebs Promoting Weight Loss Encourage Us?

I have to say I've noticed.  You are seeing more of 'Us' in these weight loss ads and if they are targeting the Black woman then they've used the right spokespersons.  From Janet to Jennifer to Mariah, we are taking over the weight loss craze especially since these well-known women have all struggled with weight.  Aren't most of us struggling by the way?  According to Blackdoctor.org and BET, we need to get on the bandwagon.

I don't have to even discuss the health problems in our community that can be controlled if we lost a few pounds.  We all know the deal and have heard the stats.  I'm not here to debate that.  I'm here to see if what these ladies have tried is worth taking a look.

I've never joined Weight Watchers nor NutriSystem and never even talked to Jenny but here we are seeing faces and bodies that look like ours talking to us.  They also are in  our age bracket telling us they lost weight using these programs. What does this mean to me?  Well, this means these products may actually work but am I going to plunk down the hard earned funds to try them?  I gotta tell ya....they are rather tempting to me know.  

So, I'm asking you lovely Naturals out there if you've noticed those ads and if so are they tempting you to give these brands a try?  According to them all we've got to lose is weight...

Happy weight loss Naturals,


  1. I'm glad to see faces that look like us; however, they will not encourage me to join these expensive programs. I decided at the beginning of the year to step up and lose weight because the choice to drop the extra pounds is mine and the encouragement to continue comes from the results that I've already seen. I have lost 10lbs!!

  2. Allie, I hear ya! The sad part about it that I know EXACTLY what I need to do to lose the weight because I've done it before as well as all the info out there telling us what we need to do. I actually need to change my lifestyle. Not sure if I'll take the plunge with these companies though.

  3. I must say it is refreshing to see more ethnic woman state that they have lost weight using these services. I have also noticed a lot more organizations getting more exposure like Black Girl Run. I feel all these things combine definitely heighten awareness and make it easier for the average woman to successfully lose weight.

  4. I'm not encouraged by any celebrity when it comes to weight loss programs/products. I cannot get past the point that they have the money for personal trainers and chefs, which I'll never have, so their weight loss journey will never be my weight loss journey lol. If anything I'm more apt to try something that shows the before and after of "normal" people.

    My thing is though, we don't NEED programs or special products to lose weight. We all know that exercise and eating right under most circumstances will drop the pounds. The hard part is sticking to after doing those things.

    1. LaNeshe,
      You are right about knowing what to do but sometimes help is needed or necessary.


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