Thursday, January 26, 2012

You can see me...

 I was bothered by some comments that I'm a little surprised at as well a little hurt.  I know I shouldn't wear my heart on my sleeve but just because I have a blog doesn't mean my feelings never get hurt or I'm oblivious to harsh words.  Having a blog just means I have something to say and want to say it to more than just one person.  

It actually happened on FB but it was a comment on one of my posts.  I was shocked with the first statement or comment made asking if my hair was growing.  I was taken aback at first but just answered that it was growing but I have tons of shrinkage.  The response after that was 'yeah, yeah, yeah.'  

Really?  My response warranted that answer?  I was kinda put off and my first thought was to lash back by deleting this person.  I wasn't going to get into a fight on FB although I've seen many.  I merely wrote back that I didn't understand her comment and when she responded she said she meant nothing by it.  

I could merely have been having a bad day but where is this sensitive little girl wrapped up in a 41 year old woman?  She's right with me all the time.  Why did she decide to surface?  Shit if I know!

Now that I have a blog I am open for all to see and they can see my accomplishments as well as my failures.   

Am I being overly sensitive? Am I reading too much into her comment?  Not sure, but I am sure about one thing.....it kinda stung whether she meant anything by it or not.  

Whatever the reason for her words I must say that I do battle with shrinkage and my hair has grown.  I've never really done a length check but I decided last month that I would start and use a ruler and count the inches as well as using the chart that everyone is familiar with.  The length check was in a post last week.

I must say I'm not totally sure why it bothered me and writing things down can sometimes help me think a little clearer, but  I'm sure she meant nothing by it just like she stated. Just sharing how even a blogger can have sensitivity issues.

Brushing it off my shoulders Naturals,


  1. Great post.....#naturalhair=shrinkage:)

  2. IT was just a bad day for you. And this comment came in the wrong time. That's it. Believe me if you were in a good mood you will never even be bother by this.


  3. Thanks Naturalhairlatina. Minasek, I think I was having a bad day but it made me aware of just how 'out there' we actually are for the world to see. Just sharing. Thanks for the kind words.

    1. Yea, we are really out there for the world to see, judge and hat if necessary.

  4. Hi Sabrina, I have gone to battle on FB and it isnt a pleasant thing.
    Sometimes I feel my hair isnt growing at the pace that it should but you know, I didn't ever say I wanted long hair but I want healthy hair that is only shorter when I decide to cut it instead of not retaining my length. I however know the bad things I have done and accept my hair in all its glory. People are sometimes very disrespectful to those of us who "put ourselves out there" sometimes its them with the bad day trying to make ours as bad too. Misery loves company. Shrinkage is a mother though, and its different for everyone. Have a lovely day...Lovely Lady!

    1. Thanks for the kind, and wise words. Yea, we have to gain thick skins for this type of work we willingly and unpaidly continue to do.

  5. Vetsnatural, thank you! I truly needed your post. Yes we sometimes have bad days as well as others. We gotta take the good with the bad and I try to silence that inner child inside of me when she gets too sensitive.

    Fighting on FB is not the way to go and I've gone there when I first got on FB. NEVER AGAIN!!! LOL. It's not pretty and not worth it.

  6. I have found that opinions are harder to swallow than they are to serve. And people have different ideas of what is funny or acceptable as humor in different regions. Let’s face it well rounded is not that strong of an attribute in most people even if they think so. The words, eek, wow, oh my, and for Christ sake cross my mind when reading comments on FB too often. The little girl in me is a very angry child without reason and she stays mad for days. The adult in me tries to tell the little girl that this person feels comfortable with you or they would not have hurt your feeling saying something online they would not say to you in person, because they would recognize you as not being someone they know.

  7. You are right annoymous. One must be careful when they write something since it can be hard to see if someone is serious or joking. I really take out time to say EXACTLY what I mean so that a misunderstanding does not erupt.

  8. I think maybe that person was having a bad day! I mean, she is following you, so obviously she is interested in the happenings of natural hair. So why make comments like that, unless she was just feeling 'off'? Maybe this is just my vain attempt to always see the good in people, but I cant imagine that someone that is CHOOSING to follow a blog/Facebook page about natural hair would have such a crazy attitude about it. Either way, its not you. Believe that.

  9. Thanks Elizabeth. I think we were both having a bad day.


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