Thursday, January 26, 2012

Just want to share a rant that is on point!

I'm not sure if you've heard about the horrendous statements put into print over at a Dutch magazine (Jackie) last month about Rihanna.  I hadn't but apparently they said Rihanna had a 'ghetto ass' and was being the "ultimate ni---b---h."  

WTF????  Yea, where did that come from?  Did they think they were compliments?  What's a ghetto ass?  A black woman's ass?  Yea, they were wrong for that and who's ever heard of the other term?  I sure haven't!  Sad but apparently true.  Well, I found out about this on Essence.com and have to say the author of the piece goes on a rant that I am so proud of and felt it was time to be said.  I just wanted to share it with you.
"I'm quite sick of folks who should obviously know better not doing so. From the caption writer who post-Katrina described a Black child as "stealing" food and a white couple doing the same as "finding" it, to the other caption writer who referred to the FLOTUS as a "baby mama" to Joan Rivers calling Mrs. Obama "Blackie O," to Vogue evoking King Kong-ape imagery when it featured LeBron James on the cover, to the politico who sent pictures of the White House garden covered in watermelons, to the Pepsi commercial with the angry can-throwing Black woman, to the Hail to the V ads with the Sistah-Gurrrrl accent that no Black woman in real life uses ever, and so many more, I am beyond over the empty apologies. I am tired of blatantly ignorant commenters, creating blatantly racist imagery and using blatantly sexist and disparaging language to refer to Black women. And I am certainly sick and over and tired of people feigning ignorance when there are no excuses for it." Essence.com

Doesn't she go off nicely and truthfully and with a valid point!  I love it because it's so true!  Why are people offending us only to apologize after when they should have KNOWN better in the first damn place!?!?  I truly don't understand why this is still happening.  What kills me the most is why people see us as the Angry Black woman....can you see why we get angry sometimes now???? 

I know I'm preaching to the choir so I'll shut up now and let you read the article below:

Let's not let this ruin our day Naturals,


  1. Well it comes from the top when they think its ok to disrespect our President people think its open season on the rest of people of color. This country & world still has a long way to go!!


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