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Friday, January 6, 2012

Black Owned Friday - Anita Grant

Anita Grant

After finding a great list of the many Black Owned beauty products and Supply stores  (Independent Black Owned Hair Care Products Companies/Beauty Supply stores) I decided to start a tribute to each one on the list by discussing it a little to get the word out about them.  If I've used their particular product I will mention it but if not I will just highlight them weekly, or as often as i can.

"When did the company start?
On December 5th, 2005 - was created, by the all round self-proclaimed-cosmetic-label-reader-ingredient junkie-mixtress, Anita.  
Where did the idea come from? It wasn't until Anita blistered her hands using a store bought bottle of so called "safe synthetics" that she decided not to purchase another off the shelf hair care product again.
Since then, Anita has been making her own brand of natural and organic skin care and hair care for her family.

Why make your own hair care and skin care?"You shouldn't need a degree in bio-chemistry to understand the ingredient list of a hair care or skin care product label. It was a bit difficult at first to decipher all the Latin (INCI) nomenclature of the ingredients and separate the “bozwellox” from true benefits but I got there in the end.
Where are the ingredients sourced?
"We purchase directly from farming communities and/or partnerships with fair trade and organic suppliers throughout the world, helping to maintain economic independence & cultural survival. By using a variety of plant-based ingredients from different countries around the globe; we are celebrating ecological & cultural diversity through our goodies."

Rather than fill her
natural hair care and skin care creations with synthetic chemical brews, Anita works very closely with Mama Nature utilising only those quality ingredients that yield superior benefits for your RDA (recommended daily application).

Anita's ingredients & Goodies are NEVER  tested on animals."
Anita Grant 

If you know of any additional companies that need to be added to the list I would love your input and I've had a couple already added to the list by some wonderful readers.

Happy Black Owned Friday Naturals,



  1. Hi Sabrina,
    Black owned Friday is a great concept. FYI is also a black owned company and we would love your support.
    You can contact me at for more info
    Have a great weekend

  2. Hi Sabrina & Happy New Year!
    Thank you so very much for featuring our company!


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