Thursday, December 29, 2011

Some updated pics of my Natural hair

Here I am again showing pics of my hair.  I guess I'm just doing it to document my own progress but to show others what my hair looks like and why I use the products I use.  Not every one's hair is the same and once newly Naturals learn that they can better understand why they need to try different products to find what works specifically for them.

Here's a couple more:

I did try something new.  I banded my hair after I got out of the shower for about half an hour and I noticed I didn't have AS much shrinkage that I'm used to.  I put one in the front and two in the back.like two back low pigtails.  I'll take some pics of how I did my lazy way of banding because I was really happy with the results.  Usually my hair looks twice as short after it's dry and it's holding some of it's length with only half an hour of banding!

Take care Naturals,


  1. I love your curl pattern. So glad that banding worked for you. Your hair looks so healthy.

  2. Thanks love. I'm trying them again this morning and I think I have a new technique. It just took me a year after hearing about it. LOL


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