Friday, December 23, 2011

My president doesn't look like a skinny, ghetto crackhead!!!

I am really sick of the disrespect our president gets from the right.  They see absolutely NOTHING wrong with it, and FOX, one of the worst offenders is despicable with their racist hatred.  I mean, they see nothing wrong with treating a sitting president of the United States like trash. I just had to pass this on in case some of you hadn't heard. What a disgrace...


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  1. this is pitiful. Most of the time I'm hearing that he has destroyed this country. But it was in bad shape before he go into office. Bush put the country on an downward spiral. Just like it took Clinton two terms to straighten out what the older Bush did. And it took G. Bush one month to mess it up. It is going to take two terms for Obama to get it straight. but we need to get all of the republicans out because they are fighting him tooth an nail over everything. And they don't want to make the 1% rich pay their fair share in taxes. why put the burden on the poor or working class poor.


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