Friday, December 23, 2011

Black Owned Friday - Annette 2 Cosmetiques


After finding a great list of the many Black Owned beauty products and Supply stores  (Independent Black Owned Hair Care Products Companies/Beauty Supply stores) I decided to start a tribute to each one on the list by discussing it a little to get the word out about them.  If I've used their particular product I will mention it but if not I will just highlight them weekly. I discussed Akamuti two weeks ago.  So sorry for missing last Friday Naturals!
"Following five years of research and development into the specific needs of a skincare and makeup line for women of color, Annette & Bill Hamilton conceived and developed a cosmetic line formulated specifically for you.  On October 3, 1982, they fulfilled an initial objective of offering a Rolls-Royce type product for a Rolls-Royce like woman.." http://www.annette2.com/home.html

Women of color are some of the most beautiful women in the world and we at Annette 2 are focusing on the proper way to accentuate that natural beauty.

We want you to know, too, about the personal belief that led Annette to the creation of Annette 2 Cosmetiques:

  • As women of color, we have an appreciation of quality that is far beyond the average!

  • As women of color, we have a special understanding of one another.  We may be sisters under the skin to all other women, but among ourselves, we are sisters of the skin.  This is special!
  • As women of color, we have an independent spirit that is our strength - it is why we never give up in our desire to achieve
If you know of any additional companies that need to be added to the list I would love your input and I've had a couple already added to the list by some wonderful readers.

Happy Black Owned Friday Naturals,

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