Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Owned Friday - Ada Cosmetics

After finding a great list of the many Black Owned beauty products and Supply stores  (Independent Black Owned Hair Care Products Companies/Beauty Supply stores) I decided to start a tribute to each one on the list by discussing it a little to get the word out about them.  If I've used their particular product I will mention it but if not I will just highlight them weekly.  Getting the word out on who is out here is pretty important to me.  We've got to help each other along the way to achieve success so I'm doing my part!  Hope you enjoy the series.


"Ada (ah-dah) is traditionally the name given by the Nigerian Ibo to firstborn females. Now there is Ada Cosmetics, the first mineral makeup uniquely dedicated to women of color.   
The developers of Ada Cosmetics are African-American women. Having searched and found no mineral makeup company addressing our unique needs and – importantly – none with plans to do so, we did so ourselves. As African-American women of diverse backgrounds, we can appreciate having a clean, fresh and glowing look that will last all day.  
All women want matte foundations that look natural with a hint of glow. We want our color to be enhanced not caked, ashy, too light or too dark. We want lip colors that enhance our style.  We want vibrant complimentary colors for our eyes.  We want to look good by day and great in the evening. We want all of that without endangering our health by using chemical filled cosmetics. Skin, the largest organ of the body, absorbs some of everything we put on it.  This includes makeup.
At Ada Cosmetics, we know that using mineral makeup is the surest and safest way to look good while maintaining healthy skin.  We use only the purest ingredients in every product.  No longer do you have to wonder about germs growing in your makeup, expiration dates, or damaging skin irritation. Ada Cosmetics are Doctor Approved for use on even the most sensitive skin.  With Ada Cosmetics, you now have a whole new world of beauty available. At last you can find your shade. There's no need to "make do" with whatever is closest.   You no longer have to purchase two or three foundations trying to mix a color close to what you need. Because women of color come in every color, we offer an entire spectrum of foundations from light to dark which truly reflects the entire world of all women with no one left out.
We offer a complete line of foundations, blushes, finishing veils, bronzers, concealers, eye colors and lip colors designed to help you look absolutely glamourous.  Understanding women of many cultures and backgrounds have a wide range of skin tones and shades, we offer makeup to compliment our browns, yellows, reds, blues, gold and mahogany.  Our focus is on enhancing beauty naturally by perfectly blending colors to match many combinations of undertones.  Ada Cosmetics line of mineral cosmetics is entirely focused on meeting the diverse and often complex needs of women of color.  
Every item in this collection has been formulated, tested and critically evaluated with that diversity and complexity in mind.  
We've done all the work, we've got your color - search no further, your color is here.  
Welcome to the family of Ada!"

Now, I haven't tried this line but since I use Bare Minerals and have to mix colors for myself I was pretty amazed at seeing I could just be using this product instead!  I've decided to give them a try and will let you all know how it went with a product review.  They have sample kits in shades of Med/Dark, Light, or Fair to help you find your color.  I am kinda excited to try it. 
If you know of any additional companies that need to be added to the list I would love your input!!
Happy Black Owned Friday Naturals,


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