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Protect, protect, protect!!!  We can’t say it enough as well as work on protecting our Natural hair from the elements, the products we use on it as well as our own bodies (stress) inflicting damage.  Now in the Natural haired world we have the infamous term, ‘Protective Style’.  I’ve only heard of it once I became Natural but it can cross over into the Relaxed world just as easily.  Despite this, it is still more popular among Naturals.  This post deals with Protective STYLING which just as important if not MORE important than the actual style you end up with.  This is a great post by, The Science of Black Hair.

In the post, Holistic Protective Styling: 7 Great Tips for Building More Protection Into Your Hair Care Regimen, there’s an holistic approach to protective styling that may not get as much press as regular Protective styles.  I didn’t find that much of a difference but the seven tips are quite good and deserve a look. 

“(A holistic protective styling regimen is one where protective measures are instituted throughout the entire regimen from cleansing to conditioning and general handling.) Actual hair styling is just a bullet point in a holistic protective styling regimen.  When all of the pieces of protection (styling and otherwise) are combined and applied, length retention is maximized in the shortest time.
Now, as I mentioned before, this is the optimal scenario.”
The Science of Black Hair

I agree with most of the tips (outside of the heat or coloring tips) and what I find most interesting is that the post deals with management just as much as technique.  Since I am a wash and go queen, that is quite appealing to me.  See if you agree.

You can read the seven tips at the link below:

Holistic Protective Styling: 7 Great Tips for Building More Protection Into Your Hair Care Regimen

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