THE NATURAL HAVEN: Things People Do Not Tell You


Well one thing is NOT a secret. How much I respect The Natural Haven.  She’s insightful and to the point.  Can’t hate that and I certainly can’t hate this series she has on her blog:

THE NATURAL HAVEN: Things People Do Not Tell You:

She does three in each post.  One for Newbies, one for the Veterans and one for Bloggers.  She had me thinking pretty deep about one she posted on August 30th:

2. When you are a veteranYou can leave the house when your hair does not look as cute as it can be, stares do not bother you anymore. Here is a quick tip though – get some hair candy, it is a quick second to put some in when you need to look somewhat presentable.  The Natural Haven

It had me thinking about it because it was so TRUE.  I mean….I could give a rat’s ass how my hair looks to others anymore.  If I didn’t put much thought into it I would assume I no longer get stares but would I even NOTICE anymore?  No, I don’t.  I just don’t care.

Now, don’t get me wrong.  I try to look presentable whenever I leave the house but there are times…I mean, you know…there are just times when I throw on some clothes and hit the streets!  I barely check myself in the mirror times, or barely have my shoes on before I’m out the door times.  Believe me…on those occasions my fingers and product may or MAY NOT get a chance to touch the tresses.  A little sprinkle of water is usually all I do if I HAPPEN to think about it.  Yea, it’s gotten like that!

So, her post had me thinking.  It had me analyze what I’ve been doing lately with my hair when I leave the house.  I had to laugh at myself for a minute because those times I mentioned earlier were happening more often lately.  So since then I’ve beefed up my Hair Candy stash. I’ve got headbands, hair clips, etc.  It’s so easy to just throw one on or in and be done.   Sprinkle some water, slap in some product, fluff with my fingers and apply whatever hair candy available and I’m done!

So, I guess I have two questions for the Veterans out there….do you care what others think about your hair anymore and are you beefing up on the hair candy?  

Keep it lovely Naturals,


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