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I’ve been out of the dating scene for over 14 years so if I became single all of a sudden I wouldn’t have a clue on where to meet guys.   Now that I’m 40 I’m sure dating would be different from when I met my husband, MP, at 27 anyway since my life has changed drastically.  I have kids, I have low patience for stupidity and I already know what type of man I don’t want as well as the type I do want.  Let’s not forget that it’s a different world now and technology has crept into every facet of our lives which happens to include dating.

A love and Relationship site, discusses an important topic for women over 40 who are interested in dating.  They are promoting online dating and I have to admit they have some great reasons why to consider it.  Feeling unsure?  Take a look at what they have to say.

For those who are uneasy about online dating, consider these statistics:

• Over 40 million singles use online dating sites annually
• Baby Boomers (46 to 64-year olds) are the fastest growing age group on online dating sites
• 1 in 5 relationships that lead to commitment start online
• The men on these sites outnumber women by 60 percent (Yes, I know!)

If you’re still not convinced, consider these advantages of the online dating world:

1. Convenience. 
If you lead a busy and fast-paced life (and really, who doesn’t?), turning to the Web provides a convenient and fast way to meet potential matches. It allows you the freedom to review people of interest and communicate with someone wonderful at any time of the day or night. You can’t possibly meet and size up as many people in the flesh as you will via your computer.”

I came across this site through Madam Noire and I have to say they have some great info.  If you would like to read the entire article click on the link below:

Over 40 And Single? This Is The Perfect Time To Try Online Dating

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