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LaVina M.

Since I have been wearing my hair natural and I am 34, people are sometimes more reluctant to approach me if they don’t already know me.  Back in 2006 when I decided to go natural, the first I went to work after my Big Chop my colleagues asked me why I cut my hair. (I am an Auditor, so my work environment is conservative).  I told them it is healthier for me and I want to be able to wash my hair every morning if I want like all of the other races! 

It took them a little while to accept my hair and over time they have come to love the versatility of my hair. I showed my colleagues that I have confidence in myself and love myself no matter what people think.  I am on Earth to please God and being natural is the image he created me in!

1.  How long have you been Natural?

Five years.

2.  Why did you become Natural?

I got tired of going to the salon spending a lot of money,  sitting in the salon all day on Saturdays, and getting dandruff.

3. Was it a hard transition?  How did you transition?

No, I transitioned for three months then I did the “Big Chop”.

4.  Did your age aid in your decision to go Natural?


5.  Does your age make it easier or harder to be Natural?

Neither, I have not had any problems.

6.  Do you see many Older Naturals in your area?  If so, what styles are they sporting?

Yes.  I see older naturals wearing Sisterlocks.

7.  How do you primarily wear your Natural hair?

Afro puff, twists, coils, and braid extensions (Senegalese Twists or Kinky Twists).

8.  Favorite products and/or product line?

Miss Jessie’s, Aubrey Organics conditioners, and 100% Shea Butter.

9.  Any words of wisdom or encouragement for other Older Naturals already Natural or thinking about it?

Just do it!  It will boost your confidence and show your uniqueness through which God made of us naturally!

I am so thankful for LaVina sharing her experience with all of us.  I love, love, love her hair!!  She’s beautiful and her smile can light up a room.  I’m really happy she’s local and can’t wait to break bread with and share tips with her at the Denver Meet-up next month.  

Take care Naturals,




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