The New Japzilian Hair Treatment

Back in January I did a post called, BRAZILLIAN BLOWOUT: Revolutionary or just plain dangerous? I truly didn’t have any good things to say about it and since them I’ve seen one of the owners of has done it a few times with success.  Despite her positive posts on it I still find it too dangerous and I’m not the least bit interested in getting one. 

I do still feel education is power and knowing about all the products, techniques, accessories and the like is the only way to become a smarter consumer.  That’s why I decided to discuss this newer (to America I guess) technique for straightening the hair.

The Japzilian is an ingenious marriage between the Brazilian Keratin Treatment and the Japanese Hair Straightening system. Combining the most advantageous qualities of both treatments, the Japzilian strives to give better results than either treatment could alone. The treatment was concocted in the Joseph Martin Salon in Beverly Hills, where G-San, a stylist and Artistic Color Director for the Joseph Martin Salon, had the idea for the Japzilian. G-San is the salon’s straightening expert, and has been styling hair for more than 14 years. The Japzilian is exclusively offered at the North Rodeo Drive location, where G-San works and has been whipping up the treatment for about eight months.

“Basically it’s a Japanese straight perm that is layered with keratin treatment. It gives fullness, body and shine to any type of hair—curly, fine, or ethnic,” says James Kendall, son of owner Joseph Kendall. Kendall has been styling hair for 25 years, and serves as the artistic director of the salon. Although the exact ingredients cannot be shared, Kendall assures that the treatment is simple. G-San has essentially combined his favorite Japanese straightening perm, Innosys, with his favorite keratin complex, Coppola.
“It’s a very interesting concept,” says Kendall, “He layers them on top of each other. And it only takes three and a half to four hours.” This is considerably shorter than the amount of time it takes to complete a Japanese straightening perm, which is roughly six hours. Although the name is funky and reptilian sounding, the results are anything but. The effects of the Japzilian are smooth, shiny locks that last up to five months longer than a normal Brazilian Keratin Treatment.

OK, in the second paragraph, Mr. Kendall says:  “It gives fullness, body and shine to any type of hair—curly, fine, or ethnic,”  I don’t appreciate him using the term Ethnic like Ethic hair cannot be curly or fine, but that’s not the reason I’m not taken with this new treatment.  I’ve become chemical shy since Natural so I’m sure you already know I’m not feeling this but all this Mad Scientist crap for the shiny straight hair is really scary.  I’m really curious to know how many Black Women are seriously considering this treatment.

This treatment is currently only available in Beverly Hills, so I’m not sure how much more of this we will likely see or hear and I’m sure it will be around for about a year or so before we start seeing complaints on the web.  Right now it’s the latest and the greatest so i just wanted to share.  The rest of the article is below:

The New Japzilian Hair Treatment

Keeping us in the know Naturals,


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