Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Battling Shrinkage

Battling Shrinkage

SHRINKAGE:  The act of shrinkage.  The act or process of becoming smaller in amount, size or value.

Hair shrinkage is a battle for many Naturals.  The tighter the curl or coil the more shrinkage you will have.  I've seen some say they have as little as 40% shrinkage to others who swear they have 90%!  It truly depends on each Natural's curl pattern.
 It's really up to each Natural on whether or not this is actually a problem.  Since I'm an avid WnG Natural, I embrace my shrinkage and have no problems with it.  There are tricks to combat it but I'm pretty low maintenance and don't want to be bothered with them.  If I really wanna see my length i can get my hair flat ironed or merely pull a curl and see where it would be if straightened out.

It would be arrogant of me to assume all who read this blog feel the same way I feel about shrinkage.  We may all be Natural but our pasts that led us here are as unique as the falling snowflakes outside my window.   With that I will discuss different ways to lessen the shrinkage and retain as much length as possible for a Natural.

Banding:  Putting hair in one low ponytail or several ponytails with ponytail holders to stretch the hair out.

Twists:  Twisting or braiding the hair when wet.

Stretching with Blow drying

Hair treatments:  Dairy based yogurt treatments.

I'll discuss each method in greater detail in later posts.  I will try the banding method but I figure that's the only one I'll do.  I'll probably try it on the weekends because I can't image doing that in the morning before work and I don't like going to bed with wet hair.   Hey, we all have our quirks.  Wherever you stand on the hair shrinkage issue/problem is fine and realize what makes you happy is really all that counts.

Take care Naturals,

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