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sniff, sniff…eww! What’s that smell??

OK…I’ve given myself a flipping HEADACHE by doing something out of my norm.  As I walked into my building from the parking garage this morning (as I do every morning from M-F) I kept smelling something oily or greasy.  I couldn’t put my finger on it but figured it was something in the air.  I got in the building….still smelled something….walked around for a few….still smelled something…..sat my butt down and STILL smelled something.

Oh, damn…it’s that oil in my hair!!

My sister wanted me to try this oil she LOVES and went out and bought it for me because I wasn’t moving fast enough to get it myself.  I’ve heard of the brand before (Africa’s Best Ultimate Herbal Oil) and when I looked at the ingredients I was kinda impressed:

Soy Bean Oil
Walnut See Oil
Kiwi Fruit Extract
Olive Fruit Oil
Castor Seed Oil
Sesame Seed Oil
Jojoba Seed Oil
Carrot Seed Oil

I saw it could be used on hair AND body and that was a serious plus for me.  I thought I had an alternative to my Coconut oil which is my staple favorite.  Well, I apply body oil (sometimes my coconut oil) on my body after I shower or bathe so I tried this oil instead over the weekend.  I liked it.  I applied it as a sealant on my hair replacing my coconut oil over the weekend also.  It worked well.  I was impressed!  Well, this morning I applied it to my hair as a sealant and kept it moving as I got ready to go to work. 

Well, like I said earlier, it took me to sit down at my desk before I realized it was the oil in my hair that smelled and has my stomach queasy right now.  I cannot stand it!  Maybe it was the build from the three days just overpowered my senses.  Maybe I applied too much.  Maybe I’m just now smelling it, but whatever the reason I’m not using that stuff again!  I hate the smell of oil and i don’t wanna be walking around smelling like a skillet on high with oil in it!  How embarrassing!

My coconut oil smells heavenly and it’s a light scent.  I’ve been faithfully using it as a sealant for over a year with NO COMPLAINTS.  You see, I’m a true creature of habit.  If something works for me….I continue to use it.  Why mess with perfection?  I know there are product junkies out there but I am not one of them.  Now, don’t get me wrong….I have WAY too many hair and beauty products in my bathroom but I’m not one to try the latest and the greatest.  If you looking for Product reviews I’m gonna have to have guest bloggers for that. When I find somethng that works for Sabrina…I’m true to it!

Smelling bad is a serious no no to me and I won’t be using that oil again.


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